First Light EOS 1000D part II

Yesterday the sky cleared again and I had chance to continue with the testing of the EOS 1000D. With the moon as a waxing crescent I had a chance to try out photographing the moon.
I took pictures with various exposure lengths with the purpose of combining them later into a composite containing earthshine and the illuminated part. I also took a few photographs of Jupiter with the sole purpose of "just-for-fun" since it was quite nicely located near the crescent moon. Again all the photos are crops from the original jpg's without any post processing.

The first two photographs are of the crescent moon. The leftmost image is taken with ISO400 and 1/100s exposure. The exposure could have been a little shorter still to get a little better dynamic range on the illuminated part. The second image displays the earthshine and is taken at the same ISO speed with 1s exposure.
The next image was taken of Jupiter (ISO400, 4s) with the sole intention of capturing the Galilean moons.

After the Moon and Jupiter I returned to my previous target M42. I took a little bit more time to get the alignment and tracking speed properly setup. Eventually it turned out that propably because of the cold weather the tracking speed fluctuated so much that only a few images were good. I need to take a look at the mechanics of the drive. Anyway here is probably the best image from the batch ISO800 1 x 30s (again no post processing done and a crop of the original jpg).


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