Endeavours with comet 103/P Hartley 2

In the fall of last year northern hemisphere observers had a nice opportunity to observe a bright comet, which was discernible even with the naked eye. Hartley was the first comet I actually observed and tried to image through the telescope.

Anyway it was quite a thriller to try and get the comet in to the field of view of the scope (which I never did manage), the issue being the red-dot-finder of the AstroMaster, which is really not worth anything. I how ever managed to get a decent set of photos with only the camera lens, which I then combined in to the photo in the gallery.
The image in this post is just to show the location of the comet. I will try to get back to the raw images sometime later to see if I can get a better result with the stacking and processing.
The image in the gallery is a composite of images taken Octber 13 2010 with a Canon A530 running CHDK (ISO800,  6x64s).


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