Northern Lights 2013-03-17

Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights ... A couple of days, or nights actually, ago we had a great opportunity to witness one of natures' more beautiful spectacles. I had received notifications from my astronomy club for a couple of days that the conditions were such that aurorae were to be expected. But as always, life rolls on and I happened to completely forget the notifications. But then on the evening of March 17 at around 20:30 I went for a walk with our dogs and as soon as I got away from under the street lamps I remembered the notifications. Pretty much the whole northern hemisphere of the sky was ablaze with aurorae. After a brisk walk in the -12C air I managed to get back home. At that time the activity was showing signs weakening, however there a constant steady glow in the sky that promised that there was more to come. So I gathered my gear and suited up, a bit more than for the walk, and set up my camera in the backyard. On hindsight it would have better to go to the edge of a nearby field to get a better view of the northern horizon, but I just wanted to get ready as soon as possible.

After setting up the camera and taking a couple of test photos of the moon, it was time to wait. Fortunately the wait wasn't long before things started happening again. Below are a few photos from that session.


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