NightScapes at Seitseminen National park

It's been a long time, again, since my last post. Quite a lot has happened in between. New gear for example to mention the most important bit. Also I've taken up nightscape photography. Here are a couple photos from my first real nightscape session at the Seitseminen National Park here in Finland. We spent the night between September 10th and 11th capturing aurorae and nightscapes with my cousin Mika Mettälä.

Most of these photos have been taken with the following setup:

  • Canon EOS 1000D
  • Canon 18-55 f3.5-5.6 kit lens
  • Fixed tripod
The biggest problem was the constant dewing of the lens. I cleaned the lens with a soft cloth every once in a while.

All images are single shots with various exposure times and f-ratios.

 20s f/4 ISO1600. Some foreground painting with a flashlight.
 30s f/4 ISO1600. Taurus and the Pleiades. Betelgeuse is reflected in the foreground pond.
 30s f/4 ISO1600. Pathway to the stars. Tried to get the Milkyway to show up, but it is on the limit with this combo. The lens is a bit slow and any more exposure will make the stars trail too much.
 30s f/3.5 ISO1600. Andromeda through the canopy of trees at the fireplace.
 30s f/3.5 ISO1600. An other shot through the trees.
 30s f/3.5 ISO1600. Orion Rising.
 20s f/3.5 ISO1600. Approaching dawn.
 4s f/9 ISO100. Reflections. A crescent Moon, Venus and Mars (if you look closely). Mist is starting form on the lake.
10s f/4.0 ISO1600. Aurorae and Big Dipper.


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